What type of used cars do you have for sale at your location?

Horizon Automotive Group LLC carries a wide assortment of vehicles. Our current inventory is frequently updated and continuously growing. Please be sure to view our used car inventory page to see our complete inventory, along with vehicle photos, selling prices, mileages and other pertinent information.

What finance company do you work with?

We work with many of the best finance companies available. These companies offer easy qualification terms. They allow us to offer our customers reasonable down payments with affordable monthly payments. Our select number of finance companies make it possible to offer our customers the best available interest rate and make their car buying process as hassle –free as possible.

What if I have a repo on my credit?

No problem! Our finance companies do not penalize you for this. Our goal is to give you a second chance.

Do you offer warranties on your vehicles?

Of course, we offer warranties at an additional cost. Also, there are many outside companies available in which you may purchase a warranty.

How much are your down payments?

Down payments vary depending on the vehicle, and we offer flexible down payment options as the structure of the term allows us to. Down payments are currently starting at $99 for some programs. We do offer no money down financing to those who qualify.

Do I need a cosigner?

A cosigner isn’t mandatory, but in some instances it may be beneficial to have a cosigner.

Can I buy a used car if I’m collecting unemployment?

Yes! With the qualified down payment, we may be able to assist you through our Buy Here/ Pay Here program. Documentation of your monthly income is required.

Can I use my child support as income?

Yes! Documentation of the monthly income amount will be required.

Can I buy a used car if I’m paid cash with no pay-stubs?

Yes! All we need is your most recent banking statements showing steady deposits or a letter on company letter- head from your current employer. Please be advised that all income is subject to verification.

Do you take trade-ins?

We are currently accepting select trade-ins at this time. We will be looking to expanding this option in the near future.

Can I pay every two weeks?

Yes! We offer flexible payment terms to meet your budget.

How much are your monthly payments?

Monthly payments are contingent upon your finance term, the car you choose, and how much you put down. We will always make sure we get you a vehicle that’s going to meet both your personal needs and financial resources. Monthly payments are currently starting at $215.

Why should I choose Horizon Automotive Group LLC?

Our continuous goal is to both satisfy and simplify your quest to purchasing a dependable, affordable, quality pre-owned vehicle. We faithfully strive to put our customers first and proudly stand behind our vehicles.