About Us

Horizon Automotive Group LLC

Horizon Automotive Group LLC has been involved in the car industry for many years. The staff at Horizon Automotive Group LLC has over 15 years of combined experience. The vision at Horizon Automotive Group LLC is to offer affordable, dependable, quality pre owned vehicles at an affordable price. We take pride in customer satisfaction, and our knowledgeable staff treats every potential customer with the upmost respect.

In the recent years Horizon Automotive Group LLC has been aggressively and strategically gathering ideas on offering the citizens of Atlanta reliable transportation. Our method includes offering great customer service, and delivering vehicles that give customers a piece of mind. Our trained and professional technicians are very knowledgeable and very informative on most vehicles that travel our streets today.

In addition, Horizon Automotive Group LLC has been constantly growing and improving in business since the start of our business. Most recently, we have moved to a bigger facility, in which we are able to offer more services and accommodate more customers. Horizon Automotive Group LLC has recently acquired property to build a full service mechanic and detail shop, which will open soon. Horizon Automotive Group LLC feels so strongly and passionate about the services we can offer to consumers around the state, we are currently in the process of franchising our dealership.

Horizon Automotive Group is currently active in the community, supporting charitable and civic organizations throughout Atlanta.